Never to Old for Gold – Watch Houstonian on PBS Tonight, 10 p.m.

There is a great story in today's Houston Chronicle about Houstonian, Lisa Modlich, who at 88 years old maintains a fierce competitive spirit in racking up wins in table tennis competitions throughout the world.  She practices 2-3 hours per day, including a table tennis coach from Puerto Rico, and the practice has paid off with 115 gold medals and 20 silver [...]

Medicare Fraud Against Seniors Alert – Care Locators

Mediare Columnist, Toni King, wrote a great article in the September 5th Examiner Newspaper alerting seniors and their families to an increasing number of fraud cases that are targeting seniors. With just six weeks left to the October 15th Medicare open enrollment, fraudsters are calling seniors pretending to be with Medicare to “help” them. The goal of these crooks is [...]

So Much in Houston for Seniors

  We are so fortunate to live in Houston, a city that offers so much for seniors! Check out this link which lists so many incredible activities, all of which are free, and are listed by area of the city, including: quilting, ceramics, walking clubs, crafts, line dancing, nutrition, jewelry making, computer classes, gardening, scrapbooking, flower arranging, senior arobics, sewing, [...]


In addition to the tighter controls on Group Homes (which are populated in large part by seniors), Austin Lawmakers have taken other positive steps for seniors in Texas.   Thanks go to the lawmakers, and to AARP who worked side by side with the lawmakers to pass these positive reforms.  Highlights include: 1)   Improved access to medical services thanks to a [...]

New Group Home Initiatives

The front page of the Houston Chronicle 7/23/13 reported that the Houston City Council is considering legislation to regulate Group Homes, most of whom are filled with seniors.  Based on the article, it appears that the goal is to add some regulation, mostly for fire and safety, while adding an annual inspection.  HPD Executive Assistant Chief Tim Oettmeier said he has not [...]

Estate Planning & Wills

We take the time to plan out so many things in life, some of which are big such as weddings, but most of which are rather small and insignificant.  So why is it that most people do not take the time to plan out end-of-life issues such as estate planning or even a simple will?   Like going to the Dentist, [...]

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