Medicare Fraud Against Seniors Alert – Care Locators

Medicare Fraud Against Seniors Alert – Care Locators
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Mediare Columnist, Toni King, wrote a great article in the September 5th Examiner Newspaper alerting seniors and their families to an increasing number of fraud cases that are targeting seniors. With just six weeks left to the October 15th Medicare open enrollment, fraudsters are calling seniors pretending to be with Medicare to “help” them. The goal of these crooks is to gather personal information for identify theft. As Toni indicates, no one from Medicare or any other government agency will every call you asking for personal information. She advises never to give personal information or a medicare or social security number to anyone over the phone, and follow the same advice they give to their kids and grandkids about not talking to strangers. In fact, she advises to not even carry your Medicare card. Toni King is the author of the new Medicare Survival Guide, a simple guide that puts Medicare in “people” and is on sale at

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